Dimhaus is a company that makes everyday software. Our goal is to create simple and useful products that become parts of people’s daily lives. We are a product company first — we want to create ordinary tools that people use day to day. Software just happens to be the technology of our time and our material of choice.

We believe it’s important to set aside the mystery and hype around software, and treat it as just another product medium. There is no doubt software is a revolutionary technology that is fundamentally reshaping our society, but it’s not the first technology to have such impact, and it probably won’t be the last. The incredible amount of wealth being generated by software is causing everyone to run around like crazy trying to capture markets and innovate. But we forget the reason why all human inventions in our story, including money and markets themselves, exist in the first place — to help us live better. There is no such thing as innovation for innovation’s sake, and money is only as valuable as the goods it can add to our lives. The only true purpose of the software industry, as is the case with all industries, is to help us be happy, healthy, together — human.

When we understand software as one of the most flexible, capable, and pervasive technologies ever known to humankind, but still yet another type of fabric for us to weave, we can begin to appreciate the true potential of software, and turn our focus onto what matters the most in the software revolution. We can hold software artifacts to the same standard of quality that we expect from outputs of more mature industries, and judge based on the universal criterion of impact on quality of life.

The verdict, then, is that many existing software experiences are badly broken. More often than not, this is not because the creators lack design or software capabilities, but because the products are made without our best interests in mind. Many pieces of software compromise our quality of life to show ads and sell addictive byproducts. Our devices feed us too much information, eat up too much of our time, and promote bad habits. The result is software using us as vehicles for its agenda rather than the other way around. Software tries to take over our lives instead of fitting into it elegantly.

Right now, we could use the help of good products. Humanity’s seemingly unbounded capacity and desire to innovate continues to push the scale and complexity of our lives. As we gain superhuman capabilities, it seems to become more and more difficult for our human nature to keep up. So we are creating software that are products in the traditional sense — tools that have the sole purpose of improving quality of life in small but impactful ways. We believe the challenge of our time is to live better, not to do more. We hope our work reduces complexity in your life, makes your days more fulfilling, and all-around fits you well.